Where we play is just as important as what we teach, and we are lucky to be at the edge of the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast – the only coastal National Park in the UK.

The Atlantic coastlines pictured in the maps below are affected by up to 7 meter high ranges in the tide and at times swells in excess of 10ft. For that reason we strongly recommend only visiting these areas under the supervision of experienced guides to ensure your safety and to protect the incredibly diverse marine life.

There are so many fantastic features to take advantage of while we engage with people in our dynamic adventure playground. The sea and the coast gives us the best possible classroom to have real adventures with our customers, and for valuable conversations to take place.

Click on the images for a closer look.

TYF Coasteering - Initiation Slabs to The Stream

Initiation Slabs to The Stream

This section of our adventure playground is rich with intricate caves, jumps and our well established features:

    Cathedral Cave
    Smugglers Cave
    Dam Busters
    The Big Cheese

This route is perfect for our high tide adventures.

TYF Coasteering - The Stream to Craters

The Stream to Craters

Set off from Dam Busters and The Big Cheese to reach the Craters while experiencing a diverse coastline to explore:

    Jaberwocky Boulders
    Dunkin’ Donuts
    Sharks Fin Soup
    The Toilet

Our Stream to Craters route is amazing in any weather.

TYF Coasteering - Craters and beyond

Craters and beyond

This stretch of coastline offers big jumps, amazing caves and advanced climbing and diving opportunities:

    Craters Island
    Slot ‘n’ Drop
    The Ski Jump
    Hogwarts Express
    Blue Peter Wall
    Porth-Y-Ffynnon Head
    Pour Over
    Jumps Bay
    The Land That Time Forgot

We love using this route at low tide.

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